I call it..  
Fingerpainting (2020).

This was my initial sketch for the idea, but as you can see, the finished product ended up looking much different.


I ended up changing the idea because I felt that the paintbrushes better served as the resting place for the canvas. It shows that the brushes take a significant part in the canvas' beauty as aiding in the creation of the art, as well as show contrasted beauty.

The materials used in this sculpture are:

- acrylic paint

- cardboard

- a brown paper bag

- a glue stick, hot glue

- a broken mirror from an eyeshadow palette

- sparkly pipe cleaners

- about 40 paintbrushes

I have my own interpretation of this piece, but I want to leave it up to discussion. To put it loosely, I wanted this piece to be on self-reflection, no pun intended, tools and fragmented thoughts.