Da Vanitas, 2020

Both of these paintings were done for my experimental methods painting class.

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Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 6.11.12 PM.png

Visages, 2020

Many times I have been asked how I describe my artistic style. In the past, I have always been unsure, but now I can easily say that I would first describe it as expressive, but also as edgy while still maintaining a sense of classy.


The prompt for these paintings was different than what I'm used to. "Da Vanitas" (2020) was originally a collage I made, in the same class, out of drawing paper, acrylic paint, real, dried flowers, and different scrap materials. I was then asked to replicate the collage on an 18 x 24in. canvas in just acrylic and oil paint.


The original collage was inspired by the 16th century Dutch "vanitas," vanity, paintings that are meant to remind the viewer that life is not eternal. I feel a personal connection to this, thanks to my Dutch roots, so I wanted to create my own representation of the topic.


Here's a close-up of the impasto!

"Visages" (2020) is French for the word "faces." To be honest, I just wanted it to sound fancy.


The more you look at this painting, the more you see; and that was the plan. This painting was meant to be an exploration of the methods of paint application.


This painting was created by the use of hands, cloths, a paint roller, palette knives, and of course, paintbrushes.


Can you believe Visages (2020) started off looking like this?

Me either..