Hi, I'm Jessi!

Short for Jessica Vaage (VA-guh), but you might know me as Jess, a friend, family member, acquaintance, or even the painter behind the paintbrush..

I love art so much I got

it tattooed on my hand!

I'm​ a 21-year-old art student who is getting her Art Education BA from California State University, Fullerton at the end of the Fall 2020 semester! I'm extremely passionate about the arts, community service, and overall being a good human being. I decided to take being an artist seriously my junior year of high school.

I would definitely consider myself a diverse artist; I love dabbling in all areas of creativity, as can see in my portfolio.

I guess you would like to know why I made this website, huh? Well, not only is this a digital portfolio to showcase my work, I also wanted it to be a place for people to better know me as well as be able to do some small business shopping as well.


..And that's where

this little guy came from